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Our Purpose


We all have multiple ways in which we can contribute to the benefit of society; but the core reason Luminair exists is “strategy as a force for good”.  

This means Luminair acknowledges great opportunities and responsibilities entrusted to the organisation when partnering for strategic transformation. Our mission is simple - to develop the very best solution for the client, whilst delivering benefit to people, planet and prosperity.   

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Our Values


Our company values are our North Star.  

Our values define who we are, how we make business decisions, and inform our choice as to which clients we work with. 

The values that guide us are: 

We light the way

We light the way to measurable, achievable, and sustainable transformation. 

Integrity at every turn

Integrity is the foundation upon which Luminair is built. We turn to our integrity as our North Star. 

Courageous Hearts 


We show up as our authentic selves, speak from the heart, and value others’ contributions. 

Rising Together 

We believe in creating the tide that will lift all boats and investing in personal growth.

Our Core Beliefs 


Our core beliefs guide our business strategy, products and services development, and the company as a whole. They are at the very core of why we exist and convey what we believe in. They enable every client, partner, and team member to contribute to a unified future.  


  • Luminair is a finite resource. Our team and supporters have invested their time, effort, expertise, and belief in the company, and what we stand for. It is for this reason that Luminair does not work with every potential client. We select our clients based on values alignment, appetite for meaningful change, and the enjoyment of the journey ahead.  

  • Meaningful change requires measurement; if you can measure it, you can manage it. Each client solution has a clear end goal in sight and incremental deliverables and advancements that are tangible, measurable, and defensible. In order to enact change, you simply must make a start…and we’ll be there to hold your hand every step of the way, and guide you to the next tangible waypoint. 


  • We strive for true mastery of our skills and expertise….it just happens that along the way, we’re creating industry firsts. There is no ego, only a desire to honour the opportunities and responsibilities which we are entrusted with. At Luminair, it’s all about our clients and their solutions. 

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