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Modern slavery is a global issue that Luminair Pty Ltd plays an important role in addressing. The complexity of global supply chains means that modern slavery has remained hidden. Improvements can be made via increased transparency and responsible procurement.


Modern slavery (as defined by the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018) refers to situations where coercion, threats, or deception are used to exploit victims and undermine their freedom. This includes human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced marriage, forced labour, debt bondage, and the worst forms of child labour. In 2021, the Global Slavery Index reported that more than 40 million people globally were living in modern slavery conditions, with up to 15,000 victims living in Australia.


Luminair Pty Ltd is a non-reporting entity under the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018. However, as a B Corp certified organisation and an organisation committed to the use of ‘strategy as a force for good’, we are committed to reducing the incidence of modern slavery by increasing transparency across supply chains and engaging with suppliers to eliminate this practice.


Accordingly, as a values-led certified B Corp organisation, and an organisation that prides itself in ‘walking our talk’, we are taking action to help eliminate modern slavery. We will continue to enact meaningful change and create a positive ripple effect, by engaging with our suppliers and working collaboratively to address modern slavery risks and other social, environmental, and sustainable development challenges.

Stefanie Wilson
CEO, Luminair Pty Ltd

This statement has not been approved by the Attorney-General's Department or published on the Online Register for Modern Slavery Statements

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Luminair Pty Ltd is a strategic transformation consultancy. We transition clients toward Responsible Prosperity. We co-design sustainable pathways for business, industry, and government. And most importantly, we are a values-led company, and certified B Corp organisation.

We believe that slavery has no place in any society; and that Modern Slavery has no place in our company operations, supply chains or procurement processes.

Luminair Pty Ltd upholds a series of policies, procurement practices, and a decision making matrix - all of which ensure we can ‘walk our talk’ on Modern Slavery. The integration of this framework into our company practices, means that every team member is enabled to enact our commitment to eliminate Modern Slavery. We understand that we are responsible for every action and decision rendered within Luminair Pty Ltd and are reminded of this via our Company Charter.

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Enabling Change: Our Modern Slavery Framework

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