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Luminair guides government, business, and industry through transition and transformation; to the realisation of Australia’s future economy and 2030, 2032, and 2050 targets.  To date, we have delivered almost $1B in economic impact for our Australian clients.


Luminair is also a certified B Corp and aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).  

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Responsible Prosperity

Luminair demystifies the process from theory-to-action or strategy-to-implementation by crafting pathways between where you are now, and the aspirational ‘dot on the horizon’.  

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We work with government, business, and industry to co-design a future that benefits people, planet, and prosperity – simultaneously. This simultaneous realisation of triple-bottom-line benefits is the foundation of our new/future economy; Luminair has coined this ‘responsible prosperity’. 

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Partnering For Success

If you strive to keep good company, you have come to the right place. 

Luminair’s ethos is inspired by our CEO’s mantra, to use “strategy as a force for good”. Accordingly, since 2013, Luminair has created almost $1B in economic impact through the strategies we have created; whilst also being recognised as a certified B Corp (international accreditation for the delivery of tangible social and environmental benefit). Put simply, we walk our talk.  

Tenacious Clients / Partners 

Luminair acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we work and pays respects to Elders past and present.

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From Transition to Transformation

We use strategy as a force for good!

No matter how far along you are on your journey, we help government, business and industry to transition towards a sustainable future that builds in strategic benefit for people, planet and prosperity.



Transforming theory into actionable solutions.  


Luminair’s projects and pilots deliver strategic benefits for people, planet, and prosperity – simultaneously. 


We call this simultaneous realisation of triple-bottom-line benefits ‘responsible prosperity’…and this multifaceted benefit is built into every project, pilot and decision rendered within Luminair. It’s part of our undertaking in our use of strategy as a force for good. 



Strategy, but levelled up. 


Luminair’s secret sauce is in our integration of research, strategy, and design into every solution. Our robust strategies are well-researched, always meticulously adopted, and always deliver tangible results.  


To date, Luminair’s strategies have created almost $1B in economic impact.  


We’ve now made these strategies even easier for our clients to adopt…. through the mastery of strategic and visual story-telling. Same strategy and robustness, same impact; simply more dynamic and easily accessible. 



Making the hard stuff easy. 


Luminair demystifies the process from theory-to-action, and strategy-to implementation. We make the hard stuff easy.   


We are the safe hands to guide you through transition and transformation; so as to enable Australia's 2030, 2032 and 2050 targets, and the realisation of our new / future economy. 


Luminair holds specific expertise in economic development, sustainability transitions, triple-bottom-line strategy, and circular economy theory-to-action.

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Delivering Big Wins!

Luminair stands out with our unique approach to “Responsible Prosperity”, focusing on the delivery of benefits that work now, and into the future.  

Unlike other companies, Luminair does not just sit in the theory, we deliver on it through actionable solutions. We work with government, business, and industry to connect what is happening now with the aspirational dot on the horizon. Our strategies have been endorsed and are tightly held by all levels of government agencies; but the power of Luminair is in our ability to ensure that these strategies are practical, implementable, and create pathways to brighten the realities of today to the aspirations of tomorrow.  

Let's Connect The Dots

See why our local knowledge with our world-wide outlook can guide you through your transformation goals 

The coffee is on us :) 

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