Brisbane2032 WE WON!!!.....Now what?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

On the evening of 21 July 2021, Queensland was appointed the stewards of the 2032 Olympics!

It's a great honour for Australia to once again carry the Olympic torch. It is also a great responsibility to ensure that the 2032 Olympic torch is used to light the path, to the future we desire and the State we choose to become.

In the same way that we collectively embraced the work required to envisage and quantify exactly how our 'Olympic opportunity' could enable social, economic and environmental uplift (including Luminair's works featured in Premier's 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games: Value Proposition Assessment) is from this point forward that everything we do as a collective, must embrace and embody the realigned values of the Olympic Games.

And just what might these Olympic values look like in a post-COVID society?

Digitalisation: COVID-19 has accelerated the digitalisation of society. The physical and digital worlds are progressively merging. 2032 provides Queensland with the opportunity to further embrace digital technology as a powerful tool to address people more directly and promote the Olympic values, while keeping in mind that currently about half of the world’s population remains digitally underserved.

Credibility: Our ability to use 2032 as a vehicle for change and a torch to light the way to the State we wish to become will rest with the credibility of our institutions and competitions. Our credibility as the hosts of 2032 is enabled by further strengthening our integrity, transparency, and good governance across the entire Olympic opportunity.

Sustainable development: The IOC has acknowledged that competition for limited resources is increasingly leading to conflict, that climate action is at a tipping point, and that the interdependency between healthy people and a healthy planet is unmistakable. Amidst this evidence, sport has been recognised as an important enabler of sustainable development. Queensland has a very real opportunity to make a difference through our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Economic and financial resilience: The opportunity for all Queenslanders is to embrace the opportunity for 2032 to spur-on economic recovery. Collectively, we are in a unique position to build a better world through sport and through what is literally our "Olympic Opportunity" to leverage the games for economic and financial resilience with the Olympic Agenda 2020+5 guiding our way.

Solidarity: The IOC has acknowledged that, today unity and peace are at risk because of increasing social, political and economic polarisation. Global solidarity is being challenged at a time when it is most needed. Yet, solidarity rests at the heart of everything the Olympic Movement stands for. 2032 is Queensland’s opportunity to contribute to creating a more inclusive society.

“Every city that hosts the Olympic Games becomes a temporary steward of the Olympic movement. It is a great responsibility. It is also a great opportunity. Host cities capture worldwide attention, each has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to showcase the celebration of the human spirit. And each creates a unique set of environmental, social and economic legacies that can change a community, a region, and a nation forever.”

– Jacques Rogge, IOC president

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves Jacques! On the 21/07/2021 we CELEBRATE and the very next morning, as a collective, we start the journey to use that torch to light the path for all, to ensure we're all able to embrace this opportunity....and of course as our values aligned north star.

Let's catch-up for coffee and continue the conversations.

Stefanie Wilson



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